Monday, December 31, 2007

Wind & Pieces mag layout

Magazine Layout, Spread

Magazine Layout, Pgs 3-4

Magazine Layout, Pgs 5-6

Magazine Layout, Pgs 7-8

Magazine Layout, Spread 2

Magazine Layout, Spread 3

'08 dump... err, fresh start

Oh! Lookit where the time has not! Ok, New Year's resolution: prick more blog starlets for all.

Yes, Right Eyes and Lefties, the next consecutive dumps posts will be art.

Happy Earth's Birthday! Let darkness and light dance, a-post-trophic Zero to Vertical Infinity.


Friday, August 31, 2007

Rammer ambigram

This is an ambigram (what's an ambigram?) logo of my name, Rammer... Forever branded!

Let there be Art, and there was Art

Hey Eyes,

Allow to trudge yourselves pass a few bars of verse, to be the conduit of light and darkness, but also allow the admittance of your receptivities to their effects within the grasp of your nature.

And with that in eyes, allow me to sprinkle a sparkle of pixelated stars or symbolic doodles of abstraction turn tangible, in an otherwise silent negative cyberspace. A POST for every host, star, and ghost, and you may lead your rest via flags: the nested TAGS of blogged contellations.

Allow yourselves to imbibe the gift of sight,
and allow me the liberty to do as I might.

With love,
Rammer's fingers