Tuesday, February 14, 2012

She Is

She Is

Happy 2012 Valentine's Day!

This is She Is, about 14 inches squared frame, written by yours truly and made by hand, with love for love. It's sits in the home of she.

This is the text to the poem:

She Is

She is that way.
Her manner is affable,
vision and sound. Soothing
and I will never stop her bantering
so I'd reminisce if I become lovelorn.

She is her smile.
Her smile is her joy.
Her voice is pleasant to my
ears, like the waves and sounds
of foams from the sea by the beach,

and the dunes of warm sand are her skin. The makers to her words, her lips, do her
voice justice. The creator to her words, her heart, is always true to her soul. Kissing
her during the summer, and I kiss the warm summer rays. Kissing her during winter
I kiss refined snow. You would want to hear her nature as you sleep, in hopes you
dream of resting times, dreaming a long dream. Her lips feel like marshmallows.
the soft ones. Not viscous like honey, but a bit diluted like marshmallows.
not sweet like honey, but a bit tender like brown sugar. Making me yearn
for more. And whenever she speaks to me, her words travel through my
ears pass my veins and wind my heart into a golden glaze. When she says
“hi” to me, I feel my body soothingly warm. It’s because I feel as
though she is here, with me, in front of me, with open arms. And
she warms me. She is what I look forward in·a day, or pass
many days. One can say this about few people; her way
manner and words are all the act of her heart in
fruition. She is the reason to my ambitions,
the fuel of my intellect and joy. She is
the lovely hand that genuinely
cares. She is lovely, every
day in every way.
She is lovely.
She is love.