Friday, February 1, 2013

Word at 4F

I've been noticing something of late: house parties in NYC are beginning a certain kind of spike. There's the guys at 5fity 5ive, all about all the different kinds of house music (not to be confused with "house party"), providing parties all over NYC, but originally began as a house party at Apt. 55. There's When We Were Kings, a '70s themed party in Brooklyn that happens at a regular basis, also at an apartment. I know of my good friend Alba Mota's Sancocho parties, where she and her friends have a huge pot full of that good ol' Dominican soup, where partiers can scoop their own bowl of sacocho when taking a break from dancing some Latin music (aside from other genres), and I'm sure you already know in what kind of venues they throw it down.

But right now I want to treat you to the 1st of a series of spoken word, readings, music and stand-up comedy parties where, yes, you have all these literary and showcases going on, but it's also a bonafide BYOB party. I'd like to introduce you to...


WORD AT 4F's intention is to cultivate poetry and a literary community at Uptown NYC. If you're interested in attending tomorrow, Saturday February 2nd, to party or to perform, please RSVP to (after all, it is a party at a very homely home, so some crowd control would be need). This will be a series that would happen roughly once a month, made and hosted by Angela Abreu and yours truly!

And a big THANK YOU! goes out to Angela Abreu for opening up her home to the world for the art and the power of the word.