Monday, March 9, 2009


Every now and then I draw whatever I see, sometimes scapes, sometimes things, sometimes my friends. Here a some of the latter:

Joshua D. Cochran
Joshua D. Cochran is a writer. I had him as my prof for my last English class in City College of New York. He has a book, Echo Detained from Fractious Press on, and though I never read it, he and I share publication in City College's Promethean, the 2004 issue. His poem, Dance of the Nomenclature is one of my highlights. Google him; he's around.

This is what happens when you think with your eyes in class:

Quick one of my boy Len, while playing cards.

Felix Luis García
Poet with the last punto.

Hristo Atanasov
The random brains behind Rather Random Reality. I play the games he designs and creates, I look at his drawings, I watch (and sometimes contribute) his animation. His latest one won him a spot on the front page and a Daily 3rd Place award on It's called Cigar Wars: Lightersabers Collide!, and worth me reserving a post to hightlight this nice masterpiece.

This drawing says 'Aku' to the left, for Aku is the wickedest shapeshifting master. Actually, there is evidence Hristo might be this world's Aku master: