Tuesday, May 27, 2008


This is Hys; talented MC. Check his tracks. It's rare to bump into an MC that actually has flow and energy throughout. He has a very interesting indy music video directed by fellow comrade Key Soto. Key has a few tracks of his own (by the name of Key Melodics), one of which is a Hys track featuring he. They seem to be a natural together.

I was strolling the group of photos from Hys's page, while listening, and just saw this montage in my mind' eye. Theme Art's photographs really exercised the various angles and poses Hys can evoke.

Theme Art has a style where he controls light by obfuscating anything that he doesn't want shown. Most of his work consist of portraits and portraitures and headshots, bodies flowing in darkness... very distinctive.

Between them two, this piece had to be done. It's a web exclusive piece, since it was in the spur of the inspiration, and limited to 72dpi, alas. It needs tweaks here and there, but all in all, it was a good exercise.

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